Whether attending a conference, an exhibit or another large event, our solution will bring ticketing, processing and networking into the 21st century!

We give event organizers and event attendees the power of long-distance facial recognition and professional networking in the palm of their hands.


  • Prevent queues and holdups at the registration process by utilizing facial recognition technology.

  • Simplify the verification process: your screen will flash green or red, depending if the person is in the database or not.

  • Automate badge printing, or completely skip it with facial recognition stations.

  • Eliminate the need for tickets or wristbands so that attendees/guests can freely travel in and out of the venue, based on their permissions.

  • Eliminate the possibility of identity substitution.

  • Improve Professional Networking: Delegates/attendees can see each other's profile which can include company and role, etc from up to 15 meters/49 feet away (opt in only).

‘If you don’t share it, it did not happen!’

Event planners and organizers know: checking in attendees is one of the most labour and time-intensive processes. In a survey of 239 event planners from around the globe, 42 percent said that managing the on-site registration and check-in process is the biggest pain point during an event.

Our application will speed up the check-in process, prevent registration fraud, and will add an extra level of security to any event, conference or VIP venue by ensuring that the person who registered for the event is actually the person attending it. Our solution will assist in managing or restricting access in areas that event planners want to keep private.

Not only is our facial recognition proprietary, but we have made it available for your mobile device! You can download our app to your smartphone, tablet or smart glasses and turn that device into a security access point in a second. No additional expensive equipment is needed. Once the database is uploaded, your event staff and your security personnel will have state-of-the-srt Facial Recognition Technology in the power of their palm!.

What does that look like in practise?

  • With a preloaded database, any staff or security personnel can point a mobile device at any individual to access their profile and permission level.

  • The event organizer, within seconds, can have as many entry access points secured with Facial Recognition as they like (mobile devices can be hand-held or installed on a little tripod).

  • Even small venues or VIP parties can be secured with our Facial Recognition security, to prevent access of unwanted people to the different areas of the venue.

  • Far Faces is the only mobile application on the market that performs facial recognition at 15+ meters/49+ feet between the subject and the recognizing device. Other biometric facial recognition applications are only effective at a close range of 1.5- 2 meters/5-6.5 feet.

Event Networking

Apart from ticketing, processing and security, our solution can also be used for professional networking purposes.

During the registration process, the event organizers collect basic information about the delegate (photo, name, company, etc). Our app allows delegates to add more information and opt in to be easily recognized and therefore network more effectively. By using their mobile device of choice, they can use our app to point at others and participants to access all the information provided at registration.

Our solution will make networking at events easier and more efficient, and because we are the only technology that gives you the power to recognize people from up to 15 meters/49 feet away, you will know who you are talking to before even meeting them!


Our proprietary technology is designed to create a model of the face by mapping out 68 distinct points. The system only stores a numerical code to represent it. The personal data (photo of the face) is never stored and the numerical code cannot be used for anything other than our facial recognition app.

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