Universities and Schools are in a need to make a lot of their processes more efficient and modern. Not to mention, there is a clear need to improve campus security without slowing impeding the learning experience.

Our solution can help educational establishments to modernize and make their environments safer, without having to invest in additional infrastructure or extra equipment.


  • Instant attendance checks at the entrance door or in class rooms, recorded in a history log.

  • Real time notification to school personnel and/or parents if the student/child has entered/left the institution.

  • Individuals who are not sanctioned can now be easily identified.

  • Teachers and professors can identify individuals with any backlog on homework or projects.

  • University students can start a local social network to help easily identify each other with the information they chose to provide. This is especially helpful for new enrollments, like 1st year students.

FarFaces give both the teacher and the student the power of long distance facial recognition in the palm of their hands to make their educational experience more efficient, pleasant and more safe.

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