Release of Far Faces Security

During this last year our company has managed to bring our Facial Recognition technology for mobile devices to a completely new level.

Frontline officers need direct access to criminal or terrorism-related databases in order to detect and positively identify members of local, transnational criminal or terrorist groups.

Biometric data – such as facial images – can lead to the accurate identification of individuals who are using a false identity, thereby improving efforts to locate terrorists and carry out successful investigations and prosecutions.The FarFaces technology provides detection, recognition and identification of a person based on the image of their face using just a mobile phone or a tablet.

It is the only technology on the market allowing robust real-time facial recognition within a 15+ meters range.

The system provides the ability to store profile images uploaded by the users in a database (among the other data about the users).

An image uploaded by a user may (with the user's consent and if needed), be displayed in the search results along with their name, contact information, and so on.We offer mobile application for “personnel in the field” + web cabinet for an administrator with the following functionality: blurred faces of people that are not in the data base (DB) as per GDPR request; Ability to recognize only faces that are in the DB (so the officers are not distracted by faces that are not in DB); recognize only faces that are NOT in DB; multi faces recognition; recognition history log with location of the recognition and the ID of the recognizing device, so it is known who exactly made a recognition.Another very important feature of FarFaces technology is that the images of faces received in the RAM of the mobile device are completely deleted from the system in less than a second, even before the face image and the person data are compared.

This means that the image of a face (or any image at all) is not transmitted over a network and is not stored in the system in any way.

The descriptor calculated is a numerical vector containing a generalized image description.

It does not allow to restore the original face image in any way.