Our facial recognition solutions can be used on construction sites, warehouses, factory floors, etc. to identify employees wearing protective gear (PPE) including helmets, light reflective jackets and safety eye wear and more. Our technology can be used on mobile devices and be integrated for industrial deployment.


  • Our system operates in real time and detects, identifies and tracks several hundred employees at once.

  • Our solution allows you to turn your consumer mobile device into a safety tracking system that recognizes people up to 15 meters/ 49 feet away.

  • Replacing mobile devices with top-grade cameras and more capable hardware, turns our technology into an industrial grade solution.

  • The software architecture design scalable to seamlessly operate on video-feed from two or more cameras suitably positioned to cover up for one another.

  • With more capable optical devices (high-quality cameras, with optical zoom) you can extend the recognition range as far away as one can get a good quality face image of the object.

  • The design of our software architecture is scalable to seamlessly operate on multiple video-feed sources, from two or more cameras suitably positioned to cover up for one another.

  • Facial recognition typically requires daylight conditions to work optimally, but our solution can be combined with NIR images (Near Infrared Images) to be effective at night.

We give you the ability to identify people who are not wearing PPE from your live video feed, and communicate and log that information in a different application. This gives you the ability to have more meaningful safety discussion that proves actual action taken by the employee. Our conclusive goal is to assist you to mitigate accidents in the workplace and therefore safe lives and minimize downtime on the worksite.

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