Parents and caretakers can use our app to help identify lost children or children who ran away.

Venues like sports arenas, theme parks and fairs can create a local database of kids by adding them during the ticket sale process. (manual and smart ticket stations)

In case a child gets lost, any security personnel using our app can identify the missing child and see the parent's contact information. The local database gets destroyed every night after the venue is closed for privacy control. Parents will also be able to add their missing children to the global database and all app users will get notified that there is a missing child in their area. The global database of missing children will be administered by one of the dedicated international organizations.

Why Are We Driven to Find a Solution?

Almost every family has been affected by their children accidentally wandering off. In the United States, an average of 2,000 children are temporarily lost each day. Globally that number is about 9,000 a day, but it does not include countries where the numbers are not officially reported. The true number is far higher.

Typically, kids will wander off in public places such as malls, beaches, amusement parks, fairs, airports, events and more. Statistically, it is much more difficult to find the parents rather than lost children. With our app, any staff member would be able to see the details of the parents or guardians (phone number etc.) in a second. The database is hosted on local servers and can be scheduled to be deleted every day after business hours. Parents can add information about their missing child into the app database and app users could see an alert pop up on their screen. This will increase the success rate of finding a missing child.

Stats We Want to Help Curve:

  • 250,000 children are reported missing in the European Union every year, the equivalent of around 1 child every 2 minutes (European Commission).

  • Missing children include several categories of child disappearances: parental abductions, runaways, missing unaccompanied migrant minors and criminal abductions.

  • 2-5% of missing child cases reported involve third party criminal abductions (Missing Children Europe Annual Report 2014).

  • Runaways make up 50% of missing children cases reported through hot-lines (Missing Children Europe Annual Report 2014).

  • 1 in 6 runaways are assumed to sleep rough, 1 in 8 resort to stealing to survive and 1 in 12 children are at serious risk of some form of abuse (The Children's Society).

  • It is estimated that around 140,000 cases of missing children are reported annually in the UK, the equivalent of around 380 per day (

  • Missing Children Europe opens an average of 4 new cases a day. international-missing-children-s-day-one-child-reported-missing-in-europe-every

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