Professional networking can be simplified with access to isolated opt-in databases, so you can know who exactly you are interacting with.

In your profile put some information you would like other users to know about you, like nick, status, interests, places, personal advertising.

We give you the option to create a business profile and a leisure profile so that you can switch between work/professional events and weekend/personal events.


  • Create your profile and add information you would like other users to be able to read about you, like nickname, job title, company, professional interests, personal branding and more. For your personal/leisure profile you can add other information such as relationship status, personal interest and more.

  • Other users will be able to see the information you have provided when they scan your face or by knowing who is live/online on the app in that area, and, if interested, can contact you via the app.

  • Users have the ability to filter users by nickname, profession, status, hobby etc.

  • Freelancers will be able to look for clients, advertise their work and their services; whether they are marketers, artists or sales professionals.

No need for your name or your email to check who is who online when networking. Your face is your profile, and your face is unique and others will only see the information that you allow them to see -- Start your new network!

‘If you don’t share it, it did not happen!’

All of the users who opt in, will be added to our database which, in time, will automatically grow into a New Social Network. Our new social network will not require users to look for other people by long searches, or via various platforms. You will just need to open our app and look at a person via your mobile devices, or via smart glasses and see the information that the person allows you to see when their profile is created. Next to all of the information you can share about yourself, you can also share links to your professional web page or to other social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Last year, almost 1 million people started to use social media for the first time. every day! That's an equivalent to more than 11 new users every second. The global number of people using social media has grown by 13% in the past 12 months. Most users are willing to try new social networking apps to share with the world how they are living life!

Our new social network, based on facial recognition, allows users to easily interact with new people, whether professionally or for leisure, knowing that the person on the other end is who they say they are.

Connect, network & only share the information that you want to share!

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