• New version of FARFACES GROUPS was released.

    Published in April 2021.

    FarFaces Groups is the real-time, mobile Facial Recognition technology for closed groups. It can be used for Events Registration and Networking, for Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Sport Clubs, Corporate sector, Business Centres and other

  • Mobile App Daily article about PopFaces

    Published in March 2021.

    “Our Verdict So, the PopFaces app is perfect for those moments when you see a celebrity and can’t remember what movie or show they are in. Just download this free celebrity look alike face recognition app and scan your star while sitting on your sofa. In just a few seconds, you’ll get the information you need. This celebrity face recognition app works for up to 15 meters distance.So, grab your popcorn and start watching the next show on your mind without any worries “

  • New Web Admin Cabinet for FarFaces Security released

    In March 2021 Our new FarFaces Security Web Control panel is more user-friendly and have more features such as “Main History Log”, Sort by date and time of recognition.

  • App Advice platform published a great article about PopFaces

    Date published: February 2021

    Recognise any famous actor, model, sportsman or politician in REAL TIME - no more guessing! Point your mobile device at any screen or image, and instantaneously know who you're looking at (if the person is a celebrity). Our app gives you the power of modern technology in the palm of your hand to get relevant information about the famous person immediately

  • PopFaces ADD YOURSELF Functionality added

    Date published: February 2021

    Do you think you are a CELEBRITY but not many people know about you- from now on you can add yourself to our PopFaces (Popular Faces) mobile application to any of our catalogues: Fashion, Sport, Cinema, TV, GameChangers, Music Art. Once you are in a catalogue, the world will know about you!

    In order to get to one of our catalogues, you would need to install the app PopFaces, click on the “Add Yourself” button, insert information about yourself that you want people to know, add links and pictures! We will verify your information within 24 hours and your profile will be visible in the catalogue.

  • Testing and Release of IN MASK FF Security Recognition

    In February 2021 We have tested our FarFaces Security on faces wearing medical masks and came up with good results. Please see our ROC curve which is a performance measurement for the classification problems at various threshold settings. ROC is a probability curve. It tells how much the model is capable of distinguishing between classes. The ROC curve is plotted with TPR against the FPR where TPR is on the y-axis and FPR is on the x-axis.

  • Release of Far Faces Security

    Date published: February 2021

    During this last year our company has managed to bring our Facial Recognition technology for mobile devices to a completely new level.

  • First 50000+ downloads

    In December 2020 We are very humbled by the fact that PopFaces reaches 50000+ downloads.

  • PopFaces published in Apple App Store

    In September 2020 Our first Facial Recognition Mobile Application “PopFaces” was published on the Apple App Store

  • PopFaces published in Google Play market

    In August 2020 Our first Facial Recognition Mobile Application “PopFaces” was published on the Google Play Market


    In June 2020 We are Comparing our own solution against Facenet, we can conclude that our recognition model presents, overall, a good accuracy (about 96% with AUC greater than 0.98) on LFW datasets, that is comparable to the accuracy of Facenet on the same dataset (see (d)-(e) ROC plots), and slightly better on the LFW-a dataset (see (a)-(b) ROC plots).

    An improvement of TPR could be achieved with the adoption of an improved detector and image alignment of detected faces.

  • International CONFEX 2020 at London Excel

    In February 2020 we were Exhibitors and Speakers at International CONFEX 2020 presenting our Facial Recognition Technology

  • Exhibition News About FARFACES

    Exhibition News (EN) have called our project (Facial Recognition Technology for mobile plaforms) "EN favorite" on International CONFEX 2020


    In November 2019 our company was invited to the "I.T. in Retail" conference.

  • FARFACES At A Conference In Moscow, Russia

    In October 2019 our company participated at a conference in Moscow providing Facial Recognition Registration Services as well as Smart Networking.

  • Tech Connect LIVE

    In October 2019 our company were invited as a speaker to TechConnect Live is Ireland's largest annual business and technology exhibition for Micro, SME and Enterprise level companies.