Professional Security Services can utilize our solution and access information needed to identify personnel and other individuals in the palm of their hand, without having to invest in more equipment.


  • Detection, recognition and tracking at a distance of 15m/49ft

  • Access control with different permission levels: No need for guest lists and wrist bands

  • Entrance check in and check out control

  • Ability to continuously monitor approved/unapproved individuals in the crowd (later stage)

  • Ability to broadcast video from UAV to mobile phone with the facial recognition application

  • The database is created by admin staff and is distributed to all devices (mobile phones, tablets or smart glasses)

  • Every security personnel, if granted permission, can amend the database (for example add a new visitor) and this information will be transferred to all approved devices at the venue

  • The data is stored locally and never on our servers

  • The application installs on mobile phones, tablets or on smart glasses (later version) with a monthly or annual subscription/license. No extra equipment costs