VIP & Retail

Our solution allows you to create a truly personalized experience for your clients and visitors. An experience that makes them feel special and offers a sense of pleasant surprise and delight!


  • Hotels: The concierge can identify registered guests from far away and will know their room number and preferences before they start the conversation. This gives a personal touch and speeds up the process.

  • Retail: You can build a profile of your customers to provide suggestions and advice as well as to better predict inventory planning.

  • Bars, Cafes & Restaurants: Know what your regular customer wants and have it ready before they place the order. Offer regular customers new suggestions of drinks and food based on their preferences.

  • All venues: Allow automatic check-in by turning any mobile device into a remote check-in booth.


  • The power is in the palm of your hands! Turn any mobile device into a state of the art facial recognition device without having to invest in expensive hardware.

  • Gives you the power to recognize people from up to 15 meters/49 feet away.

  • Always know who your client or customer is! Create easy controlled access points without a need for wristbands or special tickets.

  • Easily recognize known shoplifters or restricted individuals at your venue. No more guessing!

Imagine walking up to your favourite coffee shop and before you have a chance to order your favourite coffee, the barista welcomes you by your name and asks if you would like your espresso short or long. That is true customer service and customer retention!

With FarFaces, your clients will benefit from a personalized experience and you will benefit from their loyalty!

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