Long Range

Far Faces is the only mobile application on the market that performs facial recognition at 15+ meters/49+ feet between the subject and the recognizing device. Other biometric facial recognition applications are only effective at a close range of 1.5- 2 meters/5-6.5 fee



Our proprietary technology is designed to create a model of the face by mapping out 68 distinct points. The system only stores a numerical code to represent it. The personal data (photo of the face) is never stored and the numerical code cannot be used for anything other than our facial recognition app.



The main advantage of our technology is its mobile nature: no other specialized equipment or personnel is needed (additional cameras, processors, engineers) to effectively work. Any doctor, social worker or security personnel can turn their mobile device* into a high-tech facial recognition system, without any additional costs.

Story & Vision


(Breakthrough Information Technology Center)is the company responsible for bringing this technology to life with its amazing team of professionals. FarFaces is the brand taking it to market.

We believe that the unique Long Distance aspect of our technology significantly expands the areas of facial recognition use for various applications: Health, Social Services, Events (Professional & Sporting), Entertainment, Professional Security and more.

Our core team of researchers, mathematicians, developers and engineers has over 15 years of experience in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. The rest of our team is made up of senior leaders with international sales, finance, business management and marketing backgrounds.

Over the past 2 years, we have successfully developed our unique technology allowing us to detect, recognize and track faces at a distance of more than 15m/49ft by only using mobile devices. We have named this new solution ‘FarFaces’!

There are many applications and solutions our technology can provide :

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